Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Malema has created a political party to take on white male supremacy and oppression

White Supremacist Camp at which white teenage boys strive to become as racist as their fathers.

According to South African newspaper the Mail and Guardian, the camp’s leader, 57-year-old Franz Joote, stood before the latest class of boys and gave the group a lecture replete with references to the believed superiority of the white race.

"Aside from the Aborigines in Australia, the African black is the most underdeveloped, barbaric member of the human race on Earth," he said, according to the paper. "Who is my enemy in South Africa? Who murders, robs and rapes?" "Who are these creatures? The blacks.”. 

It finally happened, Malema formed his political party that will "fight for social justice rather than reconciliation and resume an onslaught against white male monopoly capital. It would push for expropriation of land without compensation, nationalisation of mines, and force the beneficiaries of apartheid to be remorseful "and behave in a manner that says they regret their conduct," the Star report says.

His party is called the Economic Freedom Fighters.  And its founding manifesto goes as follows:

Our decision is to fight for the economic emancipation of the people of South Africa, Africa and the world. Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) locate the struggle for economic emancipation within the long resistance of South Africans to racist colonial and imperialist, political, economic, and social domination. .........
Those who fought the gallant wars of resistance did so to resist forced dispossession of land, wealth, livestock and heritage, which they had cherished and inherited from their forebears. More than 350 years later, the war of resistance has not been won, and the battles that were fought almost represent nothing, because 20 years after the attainment of formal political freedom, the black people of South Africa still live in absolute mass poverty, are landless, their children have no productive future, they are mistreated and they are looked down upon in a sea of wealth.
Our indignation at the continued economic domination of the people of South Africa and the extreme exploitation of the black working class explains where we come from, where we are, what our mission is, what our character is, and what is to be done to emancipate the black people of South Africa, the working class in particular, from economic bondage. The solutions we provide represent a coherent ideological tradition and draw inspiration from developments around the world on what has been done to advance the development and betterment of people’s lives in the aftermath of the defeat of colonialism and against imperialism.
The South African government had intended to redistribute 30% of land by 2014, but in 2012 only 8% had been redistributed. The consequence of this landlessness of the majority is that blacks on farms remain slaves denied basic human rights that most people take for granted. Farm workers and labour tenants are overworked and underpaid thanks to laws made by the post-1994 government. Farm workers live in fear and insecurity because of the paternalistic relationships with land owners, who are often racist and violent. Often, farmers refuse burial rights to farm workers, with the consequence that our people are landless in life and landless when dead. Between 1994 and 2004, white farmers evicted more than 1 million farm workers from land. Evicted farm workers now populate the mushrooming squatter camps on the outskirts of townships.
The former liberation movement in office will never be a sustainable solution to South Africa’s developmental problems in the foreseeable future, owing to its ideological zigzags, and the open dominance of neoliberal and right-wing politics. If left unchallenged by a radical left political formation, this will give rise to and attach some sense of political legitimacy to political parties whose agenda and political programme is to continue with white supremacy and the imperialist domination of South Africa.
Soldiers and the police are not our enemy, our enemy is white monopoly capital and their political co-optees.

The entire content can be read at http://www.economicfreedomfighters.org/documents/economic-freedom-fighters-founding-manifesto/

As I have mentioned in previous postings, racist white Afrikaner males are a virus that is making South Africa a very sick place.  Many black people are living and working as slaves on their own land which has been stolen by these white males.

This party could not happen soon enough as is certainly a step in the right direction.  Not surprising Malema's party is coming under attack.  One of the attackers is the Freedom Front Plus: a racist (and sexist) political party run entirely by racist white Afrikaner males.

The Freedom Front's National Executive Committee.  See how many blacks and women you can spot

To demonstrate this racist party's attack on Malema I have included an article written by a supporter of the Economic Freedom Fighters part.


South African whites have not changed A SINGLE SECOND in their hearts (those who are churchgoers and non-churchgoers). They still want blacks to be economic slaves and farm workers- whereas they (whites) illegally own the black people’s land and reap billions out of it (thus making +130 billion rands agriculturally, property markets and etc). That means +300 Billion from 1876-2014 can still be a white man’s portion and enjoyment from a land they forcefully took from black south africans through the use of 1913 Land Act- and that no black person should oppose that Boer white racist strategy. 98% of black farm workers are paid an emotionally hurt breaking salary- whereas +3,5 million whites (Afrikaners, English, Protugese) own their tribal lands, mineral lands, mine shares, banks and all the finances in the country.  Whites literally own land which they forcefully removed black people from using the 1913 Land Act- to this very day- and no one must say anything against that! If you say something that you are LABELLED EVIL BY Boers who stole black people’s land.
A boer who is an FF+ politician and a strategist of the Boers in 2013 said: “land redistribution would collapse the economy “and will have disastrous consequences for the country and all its [white] residents”, said Groenewal. FF+ is also a Boer policy plan strategy to keep land in the hands of whites- to sabotage Blacks from their tribal and ancestral lands.
This racist Boer of the FF+ political party indirectly said:  ”lands which whites forcefully took from blacks should not be  expropriated without compensation,” he charged. Meaning, whites where right to take away the black people’s lands and to kill blacks by force if they did not heed the 1913 Land Act. It also says that blacks should remain landless whereas the ‘whites can still rich themselves from the blacks people’s land’.
The Boer policy (by FF+), says: “Boers can enjoy the land they took from blacks”, and if blacks want that land, they [BLACKS] must pay for it. What is that? That means Boers are imposing their racial evil laws on blacks ONCE MORE. FF+ and DA political parties does not support ‘expropriation of land’ policy, thus these two political parties are dangerous to south African freedom and democracy of the black people for 2014-2050.
The FF+ White Afrikaner Boer said: “blacks policy to expropriate land which white took by force from them is an undermine the constitution in spirit and deed and it [portends] nothing good for the country’s [Boer] future,” said hatred and racist filled Groenewald.
Mr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ racist chairperson said:  ”the MASS populaiton of +50 black million suffering black people’s policy to propagate the nationalisation of land, mines, banks and other assets without compensation and in particular on a racial basis  is unconstitutional.”  This hate filled (Mr. Pieter Groenewald), does not want mines and their minerals to be given BACK to blacks who are rightful land owners from whence minerals are mined from, but wants black people’s land to be kept for white people who are enriching themselves from black people’s land (otherwise). His white racist attitude is a black people’s economic slavery policy. The  white racist FF+ political party policies does not want +50 million black people to own their homeland, mines, banks and other assets. What FF+ and DA political parties says, is but a direct violation of the constitutional rights of the poor masses of black south african people who were oppressed by white for +150 years- and much worse even in the year 2013-2014. That means DA and FF+ political parties are an ECONOMIC slavery plan for the black people. Voting for such parties is an attempt to keep blacks in economic slavery in the year 2014 until 2020.
This hatred filled Boer  FF Plus, further says:  ”With regards to property rights”, blacks must remain landless, whereas Whites enrich themselves from the land they forcefully took from blacks- and that  with specific reference  ”The Constitution sets restrictions to protect the  [White man who stole the land by force using the 1913 Land Act] and the Boer integrity of communities, including their Boer cultural and economic Boer integrity”; whereas blacks remain poor , landless and economically disadvantaged. Standing on behalf of Boers he defies the Land Reform policy by saying: “The policy of racially-based redistribution will in addition collapse the country’s economy and will have disastrous consequences for the country and all its [white] residents,” Mr. Groenewald says.
Mr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus chairperson (an AWB Afrikanner former supporter)  said and I quote: “The majority of the [black] people in South Africa want to live in peace and safety, want a good work, good schools and want to have hope for the future, however he and his political party wants lands, mines, financial institutions in the hands of Boers (whites only). How will blacks then have “peace and safety, want a good work” if his RACIST POLICIES demands that blacks must pay money for land whites took by force through the use of 1913 Land Act? Where will blacks get that money, since they also dont have the power to control mineral and financial institutions too? That simply put; the FF+ and DA policies are but a continual legacy of apartheid system. Blacks have no money, no land, no minerals; ALL BELONGS TO THE WHITE MAN. Where will the [economically disadvantaged blacks] get the money to pay or buy back the land [forcefully taken from them by whites who want payment for what they stole]? Where? The only thing to do is this: “expropriation of land forcefully taken from blacks by the white men through  his use of the 1913 racist Land Act”, since all South African racist whites refuse to give back the land. Not one of them (whites) have given back the land to the government! That is still thier policy as DEAD Terre Blache said: “land belongs to white Boers, they are entitled to it”.  I repeat +90% of south african fertile land belongs to whites who forcefully took 83% of south african land for themselves through the use of 1913 Land Act. That land is still in the white man’s control whereas blacks are getting poorer by the day. +16-20 Million south africans are living in severe and harsh poverty in 2013, WHEREAS whites STILL control the land they stole from them.   IS THAT DEMOCRACY? 2014 must come with radical land policies which the ANC failed to deliver. A black man is not a white man’s slave. God never created blacks to be slaves of the whites. That was and is still injustice.

When Malema becomes president one of the first things he must do is ban these racist white male parties and organisations like the AWB.

Then he can take back what rightfully belongs to the black man.  As for those greedy criminal thieving white Afrikaner males who stole the land, instead of chasing them off the land, they together with their equally racist sons should be put on trial.  The very black people who they oppressed and enslaved should be able to decide what should happen to these white males.

Ideally these white males should be forced out of their fancy farm houses and made to live in the disgusting conditions that they forced their black workers to live in.  And they should be made to work the land for the rightful owners i.e. the blacks who will be getting their land back.